Rates and Requirements

Please be sure that all communication is kept strictly to email and that each email is sent to both Jeremy and Laura:  jeremy_otth@yahoo.com AND LNKEAT@gmail.com

Basic Rates for Jeremy and Laura: (Updated 10/22/2014)

  • All expenses paid for the event; including flights to and from, ground transportation, meals and housing.
  • $300 USD per hour of group instruction with a minimum of $2,400 USD for a weekend
    • Per person: $150/hour, minimum $1,200 USD
  • Minimum Weekend Rate includes:
    • Social dance in instructor’s jam or demo
    • Four rounds of judging (2 rounds for Jeremy, 2 rounds for Laura)
  • Non-Workshop Add-Ons:
    • Routines or Prepared performances are $100/person/performance
    • Jeremy & Laura prefer not to judge level auditions, but are willing to do it at their hourly rate. ($150 each)
    • Video Reviews outside of class:  $40/hour per person and 2 free copies of final video
  • Minimum Weekend Rate can be met by combining workshops and non-workshop add-ons
    • Discounted Weekly Rate (for events 4 -7 days)
      • $2,500 USD per person, for up to 18 hours of classes ($140/hour for additional classes)
      • 1 free hour of level testing or audition
      • 1 free video review
      • Four rounds of judging (2 rounds for Jeremy, 2 rounds for Laura)


Flights must be booked on United Airlines.  Some Star Alliance Airlines are acceptable with prior approval from Jeremy & Laura

Flights should be booked out of our home airport unless specified otherwise:

  • Jeremy: SNA (Orange County) or you can choose to fly him from LAX (Los Angeles) for a $50 stipend to help offset driving, gas, and parking costs.
  • Laura: DEN (Denver) airport

Flights should be approved by us before being booked. We can book our own flights upon request, and will confirm price and dates with you before booking.

Flight Sharing & Per Diem:  We may offer to share flight costs between events if it benefits our schedule and is cost effective for each event involved.  The total cost of all air and ground transportation during the trip will be divided evenly between all events involved in the entire itinerary.  We may require a meal/housing stipend to offset their costs and work loss while away from home.

  • Each event is responsible for an average of $50 per person, per day between the events.
  • This can change based on whether housing, ground transportation within the city and meals are provided in between the events.
    • For example if event “A” provides housing for the extra days in between event, then event “A” may be exempt from the $50 per diem, however event “B” may still be expected to contribute
  • The total per diem cost plus travel costs shall not exceed the cost of a regular priced (non-shared) round trip flight from our home airport to the event.


Housing should be provided for each night Jeremy and Laura are expected to be away from their home in relation to your event.

  • Housing Expectations:
    • Individual Beds (no air mattresses, pull out beds, futons, etc.)
      • Laura has some back pain associated with certain mattresses, please check with her if you are uncertain
    • Private rooms with doors that close for privacy.
    • Jeremy & Laura prefer to each have their own private room, but are willing to share with each other or other full time staff only upon prior approval.
      • Please submit any room sharing requests at least 4 weeks prior to your event.
    • Jeremy & Laura prefer not to share a bathroom with more than 3 people total.
    • Access to free wifi should be provided by host and/or organization.

Any alternative requests or arrangements need to approved by Jeremy AND Laura at least 4 weeks prior to your event.

Meals and/or Cash Food Stipend:

  • Three full, balanced meals should be provided per full day that Jeremy and Laura are expected to be on location for your event, plus snacks should be available in between classes and during or after the dance
    • Jeremy usually doesn’t eat breakfast.  Two meals plus snacks is usually good for him
  • Meals provided on arrival and departure days are at the discretion of the organizer
  • Meals should include fresh fruit & vegetables daily, 1 protein source per meal, 1 non-alcoholic beverage and unlimited access to water  (See food suggestions and preferences below)
  • Cash food stipends can replace organized meals if there are restaurants/cafes within walking distance of the event and/or housing.
    • Cash stipends should cover the cost of average meals at nearby restaurants/cafes
  • Alcoholic beverages need not be covered by the event.

International Work Visas:

Due to increasingly tight border policies worldwide, Jeremy and Laura are requesting Work Visas to be acquired for them in any country that requires a Work Visa.  Depending on the situation, Jeremy & Laura may be willing to contribute to the cost for the work visa application fees.

  • If your country does not require a work visa, please send us the webpage or link to an official government page that says that our kind of work is permitted without a work visa so that we can print it and present it at the border if needed.

Private Lesson Rates

$100/hr Single instructor
$150/hr for both Jeremy & Laura


Payments to Jeremy Otth and Laura Keat should be via separate direct deposits, individual checks or cash.  Payments should be received prior to their departure from the event.  Any Paypal, transfer or bank fees should be covered by the event (not including fees charged by Jeremy & Laura’s bank.)


Please use only the promotional materials, instructor biographies, pictures or videos found on jeremyandlaura.com. Any other additional media, information or changes may be obtained upon request.

Disclosure Agreement:

*In consideration of the disclosure of confidential Instructional Rates & Requirements by Jeremy Otth and Laura Keat, the Recipient hereby agrees: (i) to hold Jeremy and Laura’s Rates & Requirements in strict confidence and take all necessary precautions to protect the information herein, (ii) not disclose the of information herein with any third party, and (iii) to ensure any agents or employees privy to this information are also aware of its confidentiality.

Promoter’s FAQ:

What foods and drinks do you like to have while teaching?
We love to have plenty of fruit, vegetables and water.
Laura loves bananas, grapes, cheese, healthy snacks
Jeremy loves chocolate-chip cookies
We both enjoy:  Cappuccinos in the morning, Thai food, Mexican food, Italian food, Indian food, Sushi, fresh cafe sandwiches, etc.

What allergies do you have or foods should we avoid?  
Neither Jeremy nor Laura have any allergies
We both love dogs, cats and most house pets
Jeremy and Laura are picky when it comes to fish or seafood, except for fresh sushi.

What size shirt do you wear?  
Jeremy wears a men’s medium or small depending on the cut
Laura wears a women’s medium

How quickly should I expect a response to my emails?
We try to answer emails as quickly as possible, but often are traveling and unable to respond right away.  Please plan to give us a minimum of 7 days to respond to all non-urgent matters.  If you don’t hear back from us after 7 days, please feel free to resend your email or send us a reminder.  We are juggling emails for 30+ events a year and sometimes messages get lost in the clutter.  Please forgive us if we miss something and let us know so we can fix the problem.

If you need an immediate answer (ie: booking flights) please feel free to send us a text message.
Laura:  +1 303 915 5968
Jeremy:  +1 949 374 7977

Why do we have to fly you on your preferred airline?
It benefits you and your event:

No flights are guaranteed with any airline. Any weather related or natural disaster gives every airline the right to cancel our flights. Because we are loyal to Star Alliance Airlines these airlines will take care of rebooking us before the other customers to make sure that we get to your city as soon as possible in the case of cancellations or delays which happens regularly.
Because we travel so much there are guaranteed to be delays and problems with airlines and flights. Calling the airlines and fixing these problems can be a nightmare if not impossible on airlines that we do not have status, so we require that we only have to deal with airlines who will treat us respectfully and in a timely matter which will benefit you also.

It protects and provides for us:

  • We get a HUGE reduction in hours spent standing in lines and waiting at airports
    • Due to our status, we can consistently arrive at the airport within 1 hour of our flight departure and know that we can get through check-in and security if premier lines are available
    • Even if another airline offers a direct flight with less overall hours, we often balance out that difference of time by not having to show up at the airport hours before the flight.  When we are on our airline the extra time is less burdensome because we are able to hang out, sleep and shower in premier airline lounges with free food, beverages and wifi
  • Access to best available economy seats and occasional upgrades
    • Even on other top airlines we often cannot request seats more than 24 hours in advance and often not until we check in, which means we are left sitting in the remaining seats… usually middle seats at the back of the plane.
    • United allows us to request seats upon booking, which means we often can reserve window seats in the Emergency Exit to maximize the chance that we can arrive at our destination with some sleep and less body aches.
  • Free checked bags, extra checked and carry-on baggage allowances plus familiarity with baggage/airline policies
    • Flying our preferred airline we never have to worry about over-weight baggage fees, too many carry-on bags, or wonder if our luggage is the correct size.  This is not a problem for most people because they don’t have to do it every week.  We travel too often to be able to keep track of various airline policies.
  • Compensation for travel and air time
    • It is impossible for us to make any money during the hours we spend traveling to airports, in airports and during flights.  The amount of time we spend doing this means we don’t have any days off during the week since we usually travel 2 or more days to get to and from an event as well as teach at home in between.
    • United compensates us for our travel time in miles earned, which offsets the costs of hours spent traveling to and from events

Why should we pay for your meals when you would normally be paying for your own meals if you were at home?

The purpose of providing meals/cash stipends is so that we can focus on dancing and teaching at your event without having to search for, or prepare food in the midst of a busy event schedule.  It also helps us to avoid the expense of regularly paying for high priced meals without low cost alternatives.
When Jeremy and Laura are at home they have the luxury of time and space to cook an affordable meal or drive to an affordable hometown restaurant.  On the road the time, transportation and/or personal kitchen space isn’t usually available.  Therefore, Jeremy and Laura leave the responsibility of finding and getting to cost effective dining options during events in the hands of the organizers.